Opened in 1991 as a family business, Kober is currently the main national supplier of paints for the decorative and industrial products market in Romania. Starting as the first private company producing varnishes and paints in our country, the company currently owns 3 production factories:

1. The factory in Turturești, which annually produces 30,000 tons of industrial products that reach customers through the 4 divisions: Industrial, Automotive, Powder, Wood

2. The factory in Săvinești, which annually produces over 100,000 tons of decorative products

3. The factory in Vaduri, which produces thermal power plants. The company entered the thermal power plant market, under the MOTAN brand – the only domestic producer of thermal power plants that succeeded in a market dominated by importers. 

In 2021, it will have been 30 years since KÖBER INDUSTRIES began to set a new standard in the world of industrial paints in Romania. 30 years in which we have responded to challenges with innovative solutions. 30 years in which we colored our route and our history. We look forward to the achievements and moments that brought us to this point and now more than ever, we are convinced that we have come here only by performing together.




Aurel Köber opened the first Romanian paints and coatings factory in Turtureși-Neamț. In a couple of years, the factory reached to a capacity of 30.00 tons/year


It has been established its own Research and Development department.


The start of industrial and Marine Paints division


Becomes the only Manufacturer of Powder Paints in Romania


The start of Wood protection products division


Köber opens the second factory in Savinești-Neamț, with a total capacity of 100,00 tons/year


It was launched the first UV-drying system for wood-protection.


It was launched the first UV-drying system for wood-protection.


The opening of a new R&D center.