Automotive & Refinishing Coatings


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Automotive paint is paint used on automobiles for protective and decorative purposes. Modern car paint is applied in several layers with a total thickness of about 100 µm (0.1 mm). Applying paint requires preparation steps to ensure proper application. Based on its chemical composition, paint can be classified as 1k or 2k paint. 1k (one component) refers to those paints that do not need catalysts or hardeners to dry. 2k (two component) paint, on the other hand, must be mixed with hardeners or activators to dry. The presence of hardeners makes them resistant to chemicals, UV and weather conditions. The paint can be applied either in one stage or in several stages, depending on the nature of the application. One-stage (2k) paints are self-drying to a glossy finish and do not require a top coat. Multi-stage (1k) paints, on the other hand, require a top coat that provides gloss and protection. To achieve a lasting result, it is important to use quality products and follow the application instructions exactly. Find more recommendations and technical details in our product list.

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