Industrial Coatings

Durol ES5400AUV – Alkyd-Urethane Top Coat

ES5400AUV sunt emailuri monocomponente pe bază de rașini alchido-uretanice modificate în solvent.

Product information

Monocomponent product
Gloss: Glossy, semi-glossy,
matt and semi-matt
Solids volume:
50-55 volum %
VOC: 400-450 g/L
Hard Dry: 6 hours
Recoatable: 12 hours


Air spray
Thinner: D553
Quantity: 15-25 vol.%
Nozzle: 1.8-2.5 mm
Flow pressure: 3-5 atm
Dry film thickness:
30-50 μm

Thinner: D553
Quantity: 10 vol.%
Dry film thickness:
30-50 μm

Clean all equipament immediately after application/use with thinner D553 or cleaning solvent S 300.

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