Research & Development

The field of research has been a priority since the beginning of this company. That’s why the R&D Department was opened just 3 years after Köber opened. Over time, this department has expanded in terms of experimental development, applied research and technologies used in analysis, currently reaching 7 research teams:

Two collectives for decorative and consumer products

Four collectives for industrial products

One collective for synthetic resins

Aiming to fulfill our goal of innovating and providing customers with products with new and improved functionality, the 40 members of the R&D Department have developed and transposed on an industrial scale syntheses of organic polymers, obtained acrylic resins in solution and constantly expanded the range of paints.

The development of products that are obtained in accordance with the European and international research guidelines remains one of Köber’s most important goals. Therefore, we are actively investing in the Research Department, increasing its capacity and currently building a large enough space equipped with all the necessary technologies for specialists to continue high performance analysis.

Köber is involved and dedicated to the community to which it belongs and invests resources in actions of:

Pollution reduction

  • by limiting solvent emissions and increasing service life
  • by reducing pollutants by photocatalytic effect
  • reducing detergents by increasing the dirt resistance of paints
  • reducing energy consumption

Destruction of microorganisms and fighting the epidemics / pandemics

Increasing the energy efficiency of homes by designing paints with IR reflection effect or which reduce the heat transfer coefficient